Welcome to a dream come true for three like minded individuals who saw a space in the local fitness market of Whangamata, and have hopefully filled it with Whangamata's only 24 hour gym.

Jason and Vanessa Bartley, along with the original Trainstation of Te Awamutu owner Mike Smith, have opened a new 24 hour Gym on Casement Road, just down from the New World Supermarket.

With both Jason (or Bart as he is more well-known) and Vanessa (Ness) being former fatties, the gym is not all about training super athletes.  There main goal is to make 'normal people' (for want of a better phrase) fit and healthy again - just as they have done for themselves.

You are not going to be accosted by a trainer who has never been overweight in their lives, who does not understand what it is like to look in the mirror and frankly, hate yourself.  You are going to be guided on your journey to fitness and health by a couple who have both 'been there and done that', who have hated the mirror!

Bart ballooned out to over 120 kilos after stopping playing rugby, while Ness topped out at over 77kg, living a life of coffee and cigarettes for breakfast.  Then in the past six years - since Ness stopped smoking in 2009 - they have embraced a healthy lifestyle, eating and exercising and between them dropping over 60 kilos!

This is the journey they want to take others on, they're on the exact same path that every new member of the gym is on, just further down the track.

Not to say that they are adverse to training those with more athletic goals too - both are uber competitive, and have also walked that path too, and love making people better, bigger, stronger and faster!  Bart was part of the last NPC winning Thames Valley rugby team (in 1996!!), and played professional rugby overseas, and in bodybuilding is a two times Mr New Zealand.  Ness played netball and squash to representative level and has won numerous regional bodybuilding titles and is the current IFBB Ms New Zealand.

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...coming soon - a full range of Trainstation training apparel...

...to all our new members at the Trainstation Whangamata Gym -has been great meeting everyone, loving it - we're hoping a lot of life changing journeys ahead...

...come in and join up and check out the new digs at Whangamata - keyless entry, 24 hour access, and a neat family growing before our very eyes...


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